Advantages of Dry Concrete mixing Plants

Dry concrete mixing plants, also known as dry mix concrete batching plants, have sand, gravel, and cement feeding to batching plant that pass the numerical or manual scale. Then all the raw materials are discharged into a chute into the truck. At the same time, the water is weighed, or volume metered and discharged into the mixer truck through the same charging tank. At last, all the material mixed and transported to the site.
It has higher capacity and lower energy consumption because concrete can be mixed without water

Advantages of Dry Concrete mixing Plants
– The cooperation between the dry batching plant and the mixer truck can increase productivity and save time.
– The fresh concrete can be used because of the mixer trucks arrive at the construction site.
– It shortens the construction and enhances productivity.
– It’s got lower power consumption when compared to the wet mix plant.
– Operating costs of dry-batch concrete plants are relatively low
– Allows concrete to be mixed more efficiently.
– It could be the short time period of maintenance needed when compared with wet mix concrete plants.
– As in other concrete mixing plants, such as mobile and stationary concrete plants, the dry concrete plant is also automated.
– If the site is quite long, it is an ideal choice for dry concrete plant manufacturers. While the mixer truck going to the construction site, it may keep the rotation order to prevent tampering, hardening of the mixed concrete and to ensure the freshness of the materials.
– Dry batch concrete vegetation is much-welcomed modern concrete production equipment that is constantly significantly assist in the development and development of modern roads, bridges and various concrete construction works.


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