Advantages Of Using Concrete Pump Trucks

Concrete pump trucks are commonly seen in construction sites. These heavy duty trucks are so important to have on construction sites because placing concrete would be almost impossible without them. Before you buy a concrete pump truck you should take a look at all the various advantages of them.

Labor savings
There are numerous reasons why you get to see concrete pump trucks in large construction sites. One of the best advantages of these vehicles is that it can be positioned close to the desired location and pour out concrete accurately. Rather than investing on dumping trucks, if you buy concrete pump trucks you will save a lot of money on labor costs. For example, if six workers and two hours are required to complete a task, the same task can be done by three workers in only one hour, if they used concrete pump trucks. This means you do not need to employ more workers and you can complete more tasks in a day.

Increased production
As you can deploy your labor resources and get more tasks done in a day, your daily production increases when you use concrete pump trucks. The concrete that is produced from these vehicles can be placed more efficiently with reduced unloading time, regardless of the job site condition, weather or time of the day. If you have concrete pump trucks, there will be no delays or any interruptions. Those who used concrete pump trucks experienced another advantage of it. As these vehicles come with extended pumps, they are capable of completing a concrete job from a single location.

Easy and efficient back-filling
It is very simple and efficient to back-fill using concrete pump trucks. Also, you can expect increased overall efficiency as your job location will be safer and less congested. Because the concrete is being poured directly, there is no need for re-handling it. You also will not have a problem of excess water.

Improved concrete strength
These type of heavy duty trucks require less amount of water as compared to other techniques used to pour concrete. This prevents concrete from getting the shrink or seeing cracks once it is set up and ultimately preserves the concrete’s inherent strength. If you have stronger concrete structures, you will incur less repair and maintenance costs in the long run. Hence, choosing concrete pump truck saves you a considerable amount over a period of time.

As there are so many advantages of concrete pump trucks for everyone involved in the construction project, buying heavy duty trucks like these would be a great idea.


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