Concrete Mixer Common Faults

As the main components of the concrete mixing plant, the safety and long-term operation of the mixer is very important.But many people do not know how to maintain the concrete mixer, in order to make it longer life.

This article will introduce JS concrete mixer which are common faults?

How to exclude the failure?

A mixing blades, support arm lining loose,


Link bolt loose, lining missing.


Fastening link bolts, leveling linings.

B winch reducer noise anomaly


Bearing damage


Replace the bearing

C Mixing motor stops running


1 overload,

2 stirring cylinder with a large stone stuck in the mixing blade,

3 thermal relay rated current is too small.


2 Remove the stones between the stirring blades and the liner, start the thermal relay reset.

3 adjust the thermal relay setting current value,

D Mixing motor overheating


1 stir the leaves touching serious, there is no timely replacement, resulting in the gap is too large, gravel jam, resulting in overload.

2 agitated shaft end support device resistance is too large.

3 voltage is low


1 Replace the leaves and adjust the gap.

2 stir the support device to add the lubricating oil.

E winch motor overheating.


1 track installation is not parallel,

2 voltage is low,

3 motor brake separation clearance is too small.


1 Adjust the track parallelism

2 Adjust the motor brake separation clearance.

F fault indicator off


1 hopper up the first limit switch is broken.

2 rocker loose, hit the needle rust.

3 rubber sheath broken.

4 internal water.


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