Fast-Way Portable Concrete mixing Plant

As a leading provider of portable Concrete mixing Plant equipment for over 30 years, ideal provides a profitable solution to projects requiring mobile Concrete mixing Plant capabilities. The Fast-Way Concrete mixing Plant, Silo, Super-Sacker and Auger are completely mobile and may be transported to any construction site with the use of a 1-ton pickup. No additional equipment is needed for set up or operation.

Fast-Way Portable Concrete mixing Plant
Fast-Way Portable Concrete mixing Plant

The Fast-Way Concrete mixing Plant and Silo can batch up to 75 yards per hour. The Concrete mixing Plant with Auger produces 35 yards per hour. Requiring only one person to complete the set up and batching process, Fast-Way  Concrete mixing Plant products provide an economical solution ideally suited to those construction projects
requiring efficiency and fast track completion.

the Fast-Way Concrete mixing Plant is now offered as a 6-yard plant and an 11-yard plant. Each is capable of being towed by a 3/4-ton pickup.

The 24″ conveyor belt to an all-rubber belt including the side wall and flights. This enables materials to be conveyed faster and quieter in addition to eliminating spill-over from the conveyor belt.

The scale system is a 4-cell/40,000 lb. electronic system with a 3-inch digital indicator that pivots 180 degrees out providing a clear view of the scale to the loader operator.

Type YHZS25 YHZS35 YHZS50/60 YHZS75
Theoretical productivity (m3/hr) 25 35 50 75
Overall power (kw) 60 62 85 88
Power source (V/HZ) 380/50 380/50 380/50 380/50
Discharging height (m) 3.8 2.8 3.8 3.8
Overall weight (t) 20 20 24 27

This Fast-Way aggregate Concrete mixing Plant can be ready to produce concrete minutes after it reaches the job site!

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