How to Enhance Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Efficiency

In spite of increasingly wide application of concrete batching plants, many people just run them regularly even though they find out that the efficiency of the plants become lower and lower. As a matter of fact, there are some methods to enhance stationary concrete batching plant efficiency in practice.

Belt Type Concrete Batch Plant
stationary concrete batching plant

The factors influencing the working efficiency of a stationary concrete batching plant include mixing time period, time usage rate, production organization, plant management, operating level, technical maintenance as well as cooperative state of raw material and delivery vehicles. The first two are direct factors and the others are indirect ones. To improve a plant’s efficiency, you should at least keep regular and targeted maintenance of units of the plant through building strict inspection and maintaining rules and taking corresponding measures in time. This will help to guarantee excellent technical states and satisfactory environmental levels of your plant. An efficient number of concrete mixer trucks must be equipped to a stationary concrete batching plant in accordance with distance, route and road conditions of concrete delivery as well as treating capacity of the plant. Generally speaking, the combined delivery ability of prepared concrete mixer trucks should be 1.2 times of the plant’s productivity. Besides, storage bunkers for different raw materials should be available to deal with unexpected stopping of the plant. The raw materials should go through a random inspection and be kept away from water and dust.

To conclude, enhancement of efficiency of stationary concrete batch plants entail strict technical service for plant components, scientific equipping of accessory vehicles and reasonable storing of raw materials.