Information about mobile concrete batching plant

The mobile concrete batching plant of haomei adopts the advanced foreign technology, and sell well both at home and abroad. It has the advantages that other similar products do not have. Now let me introduce it to you!

mobile concrete batching plant

The main characteristics of the mobile concrete batching plant:
1.Fast dismantling and Convenient move Except the joint equipment such as screw conveyor, cement bin, the concrete batching plant’s all wirings don’t need to be removed. When installation, if the ground is flat, the solid foundation will not be necessary and the production can be in place. It is very suitable for the firm that has a time limit for a project. The concrete batching plant is equipped with tyre and traction pin. It allows the highest speed of sixty kms/hour. The mobile concrete batching plant weights 23.5 tons.
2. Good mixing performance Twin shaft concrete mixer can use the shortest time to stir evenly stirring. For the harsh, half harsh, plastic and various kinds of proportion of concrete, the performance is the same with that.
3. Configuration of high-grade, high reliability, measurement precision and easy operating. The main electrical components of the mixing reducer are measurement sensors and control systems, which are both imported components, which not only greatly reduces the equipment failure rate, but improves the measurement precision of the equipment. By using the computer control, the machine can be automatic operation and manual operation. It is easy to master. As the dynamic panel display, we can clearly understand the operation of all parts, and at the same time we can store, print report material, which provides a great convenience for production scheduling management.


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