The Operation System of Concrete Pump Truck

The electric system is the core of concrete pump truck control, it decides the working condition and the efficiency of pumping work. Besides the electric system, there is also another part of control system, it is manual control operation system, it is the topic of this article. If the mechanical manipulation is adopted in operation system, rod system control mechanism and the flexible control mechanism two ways are generally used. If we put them into comparison, we could find that the flexible operating mechanism has more advantages, such as flexible layout, high transmission efficiency, less transition joint and empty trip, convenient adjustment and so on, so the operation system of the concrete pump truck is mainly of flexible control mechanism.
concrete pump truck

Concrete Boom Pumps
Concrete Boom Pumps

According to the actual needs, the stepless speed regulation operation should be realized in the operation system of concrete pump truck, and the locking mechanism that can stop the control rod in any position is the key device to realize the stepless speed regulation operation. Generally, the disc spring or the spring plate can be used. For easy operation, the handle is designed and installed in convenient position. The control system of the concrete pump truck is mainly used to control the flow of the main hydraulic pump and the engine speed, so that the discharge of the concrete is changed. The operation of concrete pump truck is closely related to the performance of pumping concrete. In the process of operation, we should pay attention to the details of operation rules, find and solve troubleshooting in time, so as to improve the efficiency of the pumping.