What are the advantages of ready mix concrete?

Ready Mix Concrete is very advantageous on both Technology and cost factors. RMC is a boon to the industry and helps to achieve operational efficiency.

It has following advantages:

Quality Assured Concrete:- RMC comes with consistency in quality through accurate & computerized control of aggregates and water as per mix designs. The various parameters like workability, compressive strength, water cement ratio, proportioning of ingredients, slump etc can be controlled.
High speed of construction– Transit Mixers can carry 7 Cum of concrete, get loaded in 15–18 minutes.Hence, The speed of concreting is high.
Reduction in cement consumption by 10 – 15 % due to better handling and proper mixing. Further reduction is possible if mineral admixtures or cementitious materials are used.
Cost Saving: The raw materials are weighed with help of computerized plant.The variation is generally less than 2%. So, it helps to reduce wastage of raw materials Hence, saving Cost.
Efficient Concreting: Eliminating or minimizing human error and reduction in dependency on labour.
No upfront cost or Liability: No equipment to hire; No depreciation of costs.
Versatility in uses and methods of placing: The mix design of the concrete can be tailor made to suit the placing methods of the contractor. for Example, Self compacting concrete can be used in case of highly reinforced Structure, it involves no vibrators and less labour.

ready mix concrete plants is specially designed for project with short construction time, long construction line, frequently changing construction site; mobile concrete plant is small in size, so it is also called small concrete batching plant. Our well-sold portable concrete batching plant has the following features: compact in structure, small in space needed, simple in installation, high in automation, it is widely used in the construction of bridge,building, water conservancy project, power and other infrastructure.


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