What are the operation rules of the trailer concrete pump outrigger?

When the truck towed the trailer concrete pump, the pump legs should be set upward, the guide wheel must be fully recovered and do not in contact with the ground. The trailer speed should be moderate, speed is not higher than 15 kilometers per hour, and the cable should be strapped firmly.

trailer concrete pump
trailer concrete pump

After towed to the construction site, how do we operate the outrigger to install the trailer concrete pump?
(1) operate the lifting handle of the guide wheel to retract upward the guide wheels, and the front part of the under-frame falls down, and the whole pump forwards.
(2) put down the rear leg, insert the dowel pin, and lock the detent pin of the positioning pin.
(3) operate the lifting handle of the guide wheel, make the guide wheel downwards to support, the front part of the under-frame is lifted up, put down the front leg, and the positioning pin is inserted.
(4) after finish the above operation, keep the trailer pump roughly level, four legs reach the groun at the same time, ensure that the tire does not bear, and finally retracted the steering wheel.
(5) when move the pump, operate the guide wheel in reverse way to recover the leg.
(6) use the jack to assist the support when necessary.