What are the weighing equipment for a mini concrete batching plant?

Weighing is an important part of the production of concrete in mini concrete batching plant equipment, which directly determined the concrete mixing quality.

Since concrete is made by mixing certain materials in a certain proportion, the more accurate the weighing of each material, the better the quality of concrete mixing material and save raw materials. The equipment used to measure the raw materials of concrete is called concrete weighing equipment.

YHZS25 mini mobile concrete plant

Weighing equipment can be quantified by volume, or quantitative by weight. Modern weighing equipment for engineering mini mix concrete batch plant equipment is weighed according to the weight of raw materials. Weighing equipment is divided into manual equipment and automatic equipment according to different operation modes. When using manual weighing equipment, workers are labor intensive, labor conditions are poor, and measurement is inaccurate.

The use of automatic weighing equipment, such as automatic scales, electronic scales, etc., has greatly improved the working conditions of workers, saving manpower and time, and also ensuring the quality of products. The automatic weighing equipment is the development direction of concrete modern construction, and the rapid development of the electronics industry provides a guarantee for the application and promotion of automatic weighing equipment. From the construction, the weighing equipment of mini concrete batching plant is mainly divided into a lever scale and an electronic scale. The lever scale is simple in structure and easy to adjust and repair. The electronic scale is easy to measure and control, and has a high degree of automation.


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