What is a Concrete Line Pump?

Concrete line pump is a kind of concrete pump widely used in consturction projects, it is a trailer-mounted concrete pump or truck-mounted pump, so it also named concrete line pump truck, it is used to deliver the concrete to the construction site by steel or rubber hoses. The concrete pipeline pump truck is different from the trailer concrete pump, the concrete line pumps is the trailer concrete pumps intall on chassis. So it’s more convenient for the concrete pumping. Concrete line pump is easiler to move around, because you don’t need additional trailers to transport the pumps from the site. At the same time, pump truck greatly reduces labor intensity.

 Trailer Concrete Pump
Trailer Concrete Pump

Generally, there are many specification of the concrete line pump truck for your choice, you can choose the suitable model according to your situation and requirement. Concrete pump is really a good choice for the construction projects, you just need invest small but can get quick return. Usually, after purchasing a line pump truck, you can make profit in a short time as long as you operate the machine according to its instruction.

Trailer Concrete Pump

Concrete line pump truck consist of control system, mixing system, dynamical system and drive system. Control system can greatly reduce the failure rate of eletctrical components; We adopt the concree mixer with high quality and advanced technology, it has the features of low failure rate, high mixing efficiency and quick mixing speed; There are two types dynamical system for our customer’s choice:electric motor and diesel engine. You can choose the suitable one according to your requirement and situation; The concrete pump line truck chassis includes high and low gear, making the climbing become easier and mud ground escape ability is strong.

Concrete Line Pump for Sale
If you want to start concrete pumping business, you need find a professional and reliable concrete pumps supplier. Haomei machinery is a professional concrete pump supplier, we provide various kinds of concrete pumps for sale with competitive price and considerable service.



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