What kind of concrete pump is simple and durable?

Classification standards for concrete delivery pumps
According to the working principle of concrete transfer pump is divided into: extruded concrete transfer pump and hydraulic piston concrete transfer pump. Extruded concrete pump is mainly composed of hopper, drum pump, driving device, vacuum system and conveying pipe. The main characteristics of this concrete pump is simple structure, low cost, easy maintenance, smooth work. However, due to the amount of conveying and pumping concrete pressure is small, the conveying distance is short, now it is rarely used.
There is also a kind of hydraulic piston concrete pump, mainly by the hydraulic cylinder and concrete cylinder connection, through the reciprocating movement of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod and the coordinated action of the distribution valve, so that the two concrete cylinders alternately complete the suction and discharge of concrete work process, now this kind of concrete pump is long!
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