Concrete pumps should be as far away from high-tension lines and other obstacles as possible


Safe operation concrete pump or pump truck is a necessary prerequisite for personal safety and pump equipment. What does the safety regulation of concrete towing pump include? Today, haomei machinery . Introduces you, mainly 7 points. Here is a detailed introduction:

In order to ensure the safety of concrete pump truck operation and avoid personal or equipment accidents, the following safety operation procedures must be strictly observed.
(1) venue selection. Should be as far as possible away from high-tension lines and other obstacles.
(2) check before operation. The power switch of the operating station should be at the “off” position; The concrete discharge handle and the reversing handle of mixing device should be in the middle position.
(3) operate with one leg. The concrete pump truck should be placed horizontally, and the supporting ground should be flat and solid, so as to avoid sinking in the working process. The supporting leg can support the whole machine stably and reliably, and can be locked reliably.
(4) arm frame operation. When the boom is extended or retracted from the folded state, it must be done in the prescribed order. Rotation of the boom must be performed after the boom has completely left the boom bracket. The arm bracket shall not be used when the wind speed is between 16 and 17m/s in the state of storm or when the wind force reaches level 8 or above. Boom pairs cannot be used for lifting.
(5) pumping operation. When starting or stopping the pumping, contact the operator at the end hose. The bend radius of the end hose shall not be less than 1m and shall not be bent. Before disconnecting the blocked pipe, the pump should be reversed two or three times, and then disassembled after confirming that there is no residual pressure in the pipe.
(6) check after operation. The arm rest should be fully recovered on the arm rest bracket. The leg should also be fully retracted and inserted into the lock pin. The power switch of the operating station should be in the “off” position.
(7) only nitrogen can be charged into the energy accumulator, and no combustible and explosive gas such as oxygen and hydrogen can be charged.
(8) emergency close button. The concrete pump car has a series of emergency shutoff buttons, which are respectively set on the leg control valve, wired and wireless remote control systems and control box. If the emergency shutdown button fails, the machine cannot be shut down quickly in case of emergency. Therefore, the function of the emergency close button must be checked before each start of work. When the emergency shut-off button is pressed, the machine’s electric system is cut off, causing the electromagnetic valve to close. If the hydraulic system leaks, it will cause the failure phenomenon such as the sinking of the cloth bar, which cannot be solved by pressing the emergency close button.