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What are the types of concrete pumps?

Ground line trailer concrete pump  transport concrete from a hopper to the pour site along a series of connected pipes and hoses. They transport concrete at around 1m³ per minute, and can reach over 150 metres along the ground, over and around smaller obstructions and elevations and through and around buildings.

truck mounted concrete pump are similar but feature an hydraulic arm which can lift and place the concrete pipes into particularly difficult access areas. A boom pump can navigate the highest, lowest and tightest spots that a ground line couldn’t reach, making them perfect for jobs at height and for drop pouring from directly above.

All types of concrete pump can be truck mounted or stationary. Truck mounted pumps are attached to vehicle chassis and usually drive to sites and leave once they have finished. Stationary pumps are usually delivered to a site and left there for a longer duration.

What are your payment terms?

We accept L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, West Union,etc.


How are haomei Concrete Pump products produced?

Refined manufacturing is the platform for a quality product. Our equipment is built on a rolling assembly line, which streamlines efficiency and ensures a common build. The result is a consistent, quality product that doesn’t change with each production, simplifying things for you when it comes to maintaining your fleet.

How does a concrete pump work?

Concrete pumps transport wet mixed concrete from the mixer to the pour location. The wet concrete from a mix truck is discharged into a hopper where an agitator keeps it moving and flowing into the piston pump’s twin cylinders.

One cylinder pushes the concrete into the pipeline on the forward stroke, while the other cylinder draws concrete from the hopper on the return stroke. The pistons in both cylinders move in opposite directions to keep the pressure consistent and the concrete flowing freely.

Can you refurbish my concrete pump?

Yes! We have en excellent concrete pump restoration program. We specialize in taking your used machine that needs a little TLC and putting the prime back in its life. For more information, contact our customer support team.

What are the benefits of using a concrete pump?

Ensures a faster delivery and optimal time to work with your concrete
Extensive reach pipes can navigate almost any obstacle or access issue
Saves time, manpower and money
Cleaner and less messy than wheelbarrowing – no spillages
Metered delivery for cost efficiency

How long does it take to pump concrete?

We can concrete pump 1m³ of concrete per minute, greatly reducing the amount of time you would spend wheelbarrowing concrete to the required location