How do high quality components and availability affect the concrete production costs?

Uninterrupted concrete production with high quality components
The basic idea behind all our products and services, regardless of the concrete plant size, is to ensure the concrete production without any interruptions or unforeseen device failures.
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A breakdown of any device or component – no matter how small it is – can stop the entire production and cause major financial losses, no matter if that is a mobile concrete batch plant, stationary central mix plant or shotcrete plant.

The manufacturing process starts behind the design desk: a new product is being designed and developed by an experienced designer. Already at this stage, the procurement team works closely with the designer engineer to ensure that only high-quality components are used and the best possible technical solutions are implemented in the end product.

For example, when selecting the dosing equipment, the following things must be taken into account:

The intended purpose and the environmental effect
IP-code or equivalent
Suitability for the intended use
Temperature and wear resistance
Availability now and in the future
Easy maintenance and replacement of parts.
To ensure, for example, the long-term availability of a certain bearing or a frequency inverter

we use standard solutions, which is why substitute products are available and
when it comes to key components, we conclude storage contracts with suppliers and
as far as critical components are concerned, such as weighing amplifiers or control computers, we store those in our own spare part shop.
By these means, the response time for a spare part delivery is very short, which is important especially when a customer immediately needs a specific spare part.

High quality components – lower life-cycle costs
When choosing a component supplier, we work according to a precisely defined selection process. Our suppliers are always audited when assessing cooperation opportunities. The selected suppliers’ performance will be monitored regularly and the activity will be developed in cooperation with the suppliers. We cooperate closely especially with our main suppliers to further improve their abilities and with this our customers’ satisfaction.

Our solutions have been developed and refined on the basis of many years of experience as an equipment manufacturer. All the components are chosen among several alternatives always looking for the best possible solution. The quality of the products and the security of supply are the determining factors, without leaving out, of course, the impacts their costs have.

When it comes to choosing the right components, it is always about finding the balance between quality and cost. However, we believe that slightly higher purchase prices will create cost savings for our customers when looking at the entire lifecycle of a concrete mixing plant.

Our business idea is to minimize the unforeseen interruptions. High quality components and equipment as well as preventive maintenance and availability ensure uninterrupted concrete production.

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