Six Key Points for Operation of Fine Stone Concrete Pump

After receiving the new project and arriving at the construction site, the fine stone concrete pump should pay attention to the following six main points before operation:
Whether the construction project is connected with water, electricity or not. The purpose of water passage is to ensure that fine stone concrete and pipelines can be cleaned in time after pumping. The power supply is because the motor pump must be connected with 380V power to work.

Secondly, understand the mix proportion of fine aggregate concrete. Before pumping, the label, mix ratio, super-large internal material and pumping agent of fine stone concrete to be pumped should be clearly defined.
Third, check whether the instrument is normal. If the pressure gauge is normal, replace it immediately if there is any abnormality, so as to monitor the equipment at any time when the fine stone concrete works.
Fourth, check whether the water tank is full and turbid. Turbidity should be replaced immediately and kept in full condition.
Fifth, check the hydraulic tank. Whether the oil level of the hydraulic oil gauge is within the normal range, whether the hydraulic oil is clear and transparent, no magazine, etc.
Sixth, inspect the wear condition of each component in the hopper of fine stone concrete pump, whether it is within the normal wear range, etc.


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