Daily Management Works of Concrete Batching Plant

Users should maintain each part of concrete batching plant everyday. Because of each failure of component will directly affect the normal operation of concrete mixing plant. As following, haomei machinery will share some daily maintenance work of concrete batch plant for users:

1. Keep the concrete batching plant and surrounding environment clean.

2. Timely clean the accumulated concrete in the material hopper and make sure the sensor can back to zero normally.

3. Users should check whether the lubrication oil is enough in every lubrication part and keep enough oil in the atomized lubricator of gas system.

4. Check whether there is overheating, abnormal noise and other phenomena with every motor and electric appliance. Confirm whether the instrument is normal and whether the signal system is in good condition.

5. Regularly check and adjust cylinder, butterfly valve and solenoid valve to make opening and closing meet the requirements.

6. Regularly check each component of the machine. If there is any phenomenon such as ash leakage, gas leakage, oil leakage or electric leakage, the user should deal with it in time.

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