Different Points Between Engineering and Commercial Concrete Batch Plant

Engineering Concrete Batch Plant is usually built near the construction site and mainly used in a certain project. The configuration is low relatively. Because it just can meet the concrete amount of this project. The buyer mainly uses engineering concrete batching plant to produce concrete for private use.

concrete batch Plants

Commercial concrete Batch Plant buyers use it to sell concrete in the future and do concrete business. They produce customized concrete according to different customers’ demands. Therefore, the configuration of commercial concrete Batch Plant is complex so that it can meet all the requirements of different customers.

Main differences between them:

1. According to different additive, different cement mark (whether adding fly ash) to design the numbers and form of additive scale, the size and numbers of cement silo. Generally, the additive kinds and cement mark of engineering concrete batch plant are less, the additive scale and cement silo numbers are less relatively.

2. Generally, engineering concrete Batch Plant is needs no outside cover structure and the structure is simple; while the commercial batch plant has outside cover, the customers are always pursuit of beautiful and environmental protection, so the structure is complex and huge.

3. In the same production capacity situation, the price of commercial concrete batch plant is higher, so it belongs to high configuration equipment.