Different production methods of ready mixed concrete

Civil construction is mainly dependent on an important ingredient, concrete. It forms the base of the most structures built today. Ready mix concrete is a customized concrete product which is used for commercial purpose. It is a mixture of sand, cement, water and aggregates in different proportions which helps in easy construction of roads, bridges, dams, buildings and others. The ready mix concrete manufacturer provides different types of ready mix concrete as per the client’s requirement. The ready mix concrete company contains all the latest equipment used to prepare the concrete mix, which includes transit mixer, concrete pump and concrete batching plant.
There are a few ways through which the ready mixed concrete is manufactured. They are listed below
1. Transit Mixed Concrete
In this method, all the ingredients are charged directly into the truck mixer. The mixer drum rotates during the loading of the ingredients in order to mix the materials. There are three ways to prepare the truck ready mix concrete – Concrete mixed at the site, Concrete mixed in the yard and Concrete mixed during transit.

Small Concrete Batch Plant
Under this method, the concrete is partially mixed in a batching plant mixer and then it is loaded into the drum of the truck mixer where the complete mixing process takes place. The amount of mixing under this method varies and it is determined with the help of mixer uniformity tests. These cement mixing plants include a stationary and plant mounted mixer.
These concrete batching plants contain a stationary and plant mounted mixer which mixes all the ingredients before it is loaded into the truck mixer. These ready mix plants are also known as wet batching plant or pre-mix concrete plant. This is considered as the best among the three as it has various advantages. They help in improved production capability, improved concrete quality, improved consistency and less wear on the truck mixer drums.
Thus, ready mix concrete mixing plant has numerous advantages as it offers accuracy and better mixing than on site cement batching plant. Are you looking for a reliable and professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer? Then look no further. Traditional concrete is a reputed and professional construction equipment manufacturer featuring a wide range of quality concrete batching plant, mobile concrete batching plant, ready mix concrete batching plant, concrete silos and others.  They are also the leading manufacturer and supplier of cement terminals, cement silos and bulk storage tanks in the industry.