Precautions and Operational Points of Dry Mix Concrete Plant

Dry mix concrete plant is quite different from other kind of concrete batching plant such as wet concrete batching plant in some aspects most obvious of which is that it doesn’t contain concrete mixer. When you put it into use you should pay attention to the following issues of precautions and operational points.

1.You must measure the moisture content of aggregate three times a day and control the amount of sand and stone material of each square through the console. You should measure out the ingredients in strict accordance with the ratio of ingredients which should be verified many times to ensure the most economical application.

2.The aggregate warehouse should be equipped with a vibration device to ensure smooth unloading and make sure that all the aggregate on the belt cast into the concrete mixing truck.

3.Cement silos should be equipped with vibration device to ensure that all the cement cast into the concrete mixing truck.

dry mix concrete plant
4.Regularly check the vehicle water meter and dry mix concrete plant scales according to national standards.

5.Ensure the mixing time and at the same time prepare enough admixtures. When the water has reached the design value and concrete slump does not meet the construction requirements you should increase the dosage of admixtures appropriately.

6.In areas of high temperature, dry mix concrete plant silos and materials should be equipped with the ceiling for shade and you should cool the stirring water also. Surface of concrete mixing truck should be covered with sacks and during the transport you should pour cold water into the sacks to ensure the silo temperature of concrete.

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