The Raw Material Requirements For Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

It is obvious that fundamental factors affecting the quality of stationary concrete batching plant products is the choose and buy of raw materials.

When standing in the production of different concrete mixer truck of concrete products, we need to use the raw materials are not the same, but no matter what kind of label concrete products, have a clear requirement for its product quality.

The following is the common not eligible raw materials :

1, a small part of criminals for profit intentionally shoddy use of inferior raw materials for the production of sand; this phenomenon occurred in recent years, fewer and fewer in each concrete mixing station, but mainly concentrated in some remote mountainous areas or rural areas , directly to small mixer illegal production.

2, in the production of a certain grade concrete products, due to operational errors, staff negligence, concrete material and practical application of different theoretical equipment failure caused by a label, etc., resulting in the production of finished products can not be used out of the concrete;


3, in the process of production, due to some sudden situation has led to an increased need to temporary change, when the use of raw materials and warehouse spare quantity can not meet the requirements, a small part of the mini mobile batching plant will be temporary shoddy mixed use, causing the production of concrete products can not meet the specification.

Either way, as long as the use of concrete raw materials production and laboratory requirements, that is a raw material used is not pass, this kind of product should not be applicable to all kinds of engineering construction.