The routine maintenance of concrete pump

The routine maintenance of concrete pump:

42/45 Concrete Pump Truck

1. Check the hydraulic oil level, oil, oil should be pale yellow, non- emulsified or turbidity, or should be replaced.

2. filled with grease, water plus 2 / 3 water and 1 /3 of the oil or hydraulic oil.

3. Inspect the valve commutation, reversing the normal operation of the mixing device.

4. Check the hydraulic system if there is leakage, oil leakage.

5. Check all threaded connection, to ensure a firm connection.

6. Check the cutting ring, glasses, plates gap should be normal ( maximum gap 2mm)

7.Check the lubrication system work, you should see the progressive distributor indicator rod back and forth action, Stube arm position end bearings, stirring shaft bearings lubricating oil and other lubrication points position overflow.

Manual lubrication points each class should inject grease.

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