Three Basic Maintenance of Concrete Pump

The article will introduce three basic maintenance of concrete pump,Haomei machinery has its own spare parts department, strong production and distribution capability, overseas after sales engineering team for local support.Hope our news will help you.

HDT5401THB-45/5  45m truck mounted concrete pump
A, The daily basic maintenance:

1. About 5 minutes before pumping, need check four lubrication points inside the hopper as well as the washing chamber to confirm the normal lubrication.

2. After the completion of daily work, make sure to finish the water and clean the washing chamber as well as checking the piston. then tighten the drain plug to add new water.

3. After the completion of daily work, clean the cement inside the hopper and truck mounted concrete pump timely, (hopper blind side can not leave cement). To avoid any unnecessary troubles for future cleaning working.

B, The monthly basic maintenance:

4. Beat butter on the truck mounted concrete pump monthly, but should do it until the clean oil extrude the dirty oil out then stop filling.

5. Checking the boom, leg pin,arm and outrigger, turret, beams and other structural component conditions monthly. To see if any cracks or other phenomena.

6. Checking if any weariness or gaps on the cutting ring and wear plate monthly, If have, pls turn around the cutting ring 90D, then it will extend the lifetime twice toward the cutting ring. Also need check the mount hole of the stirring motor per month as well as any leakage of grout.

C, The annual basic maintenance:

7. Replacing the hydraulic oil, gearbox, and gear oil yearly.

8. Checking and testing the performance of the vehicle each year.

9. In addition, pls note the chassis maintenance is also important, so pls do it timely!