What are the precautions on purchasing a concrete pump truck for sale?

As an equipment of modern construction method, the concrete pump truck has the features of large conveying capacity and fast conveying speed, which plays an irreplaceable role in accelerating the construction progress, shortening the construction period and reducing the construction cost. In the pursuit of construction efficiency today, concrete pump truck has been more and more accepted by the construction market. Then what should we pay attention to while choosing concrete pump truck for sale?

HDT5401THB-48/52 Concrete Pump

1. Buy well-known concrete pump brands, product quality can be ensured. It is required to check the appraisal certificate, type test report, test report of the special vehicle strong seizure item and motor vehicle catalog number, quality system certification, etc. It is better to examine the enterprise production, management and quality as the basis for select machine.
2. According to the situation of the undertaking project and the size of the construction project, the length of the construction cycle and the frequency of the transfer, the maximum pumping capacity, the parameters of the boom and the corresponding chassis to determine the choice. The product quality inspection should be taken from the outside to inside, the first is the appearance, painting, welding steel structure, the stage, railings, etc. And then gradually into the internal, chassis, engine, transmission, split bridge, the main hydraulic components, pumping systems, fabric boom, slewing ring and other supporting components performance quality.
3. Investigate the performance of the concrete pump truck for sale, check the stability and flexibility of each part action, ensure there is no abnormal when stretching and the recovery the pump boom, check whether the chassis travel, turning diameter, approach angle, departure angle, minimum ground clearance met requirements, whether the engine fuel consumption and other economic indicators is reasonable, whether the remote control operation is reliable and stable.