What is concrete mix plant?

A concrete mixing plant is an equipment to produce ready mix concrete. It is also known as concrete batching plant. Production of concrete is as per a set mix material recipe. This is controlled in the plant and then delivered to work sites. A concrete batching and mixing plant will combine multiple ingredients to make RMC (ready mix concrete). These ingredients are aggregates, sand, water, cement and additives. Mixing time can also be controlled.

Recipes can change as per the requirement. This recipe is the exact quantity of each item to be mixed to make the desired ready mix concrete. Aggregates are divided into two categories depending on the size. Smaller fine aggregates (5 mm or smaller) are sand and the bigger materials are known as aggregates. The recipe will tell the exact percentage of sand, aggregates, cement, additive and water is determined and mixed for fixed time. Plant’s capacity is calculated in cubic meters per hour.