What parts of the concrete pump truck are vulnerable to damage

In the work of concrete pump truck, if used improperly, it is easy to cause premature damage to some parts of concrete boom pump truck, which not only increases the equipment maintenance cost, but also seriously affects the production.

1. Cut rings and eyeglasses

With the extension of service time, the rubber spring loses its elasticity, and the joint surface of cutting ring and glasses plate will wear out, resulting in the increase of the gap between them. When the clearance is above 0.7mm, it needs to be adjusted immediately, otherwise the mortar sent by the concrete pump truck will enter by “gap”. Once mortar enters the friction surface, the wear speed of cutting ring and glasses plate will be greatly accelerated.

HDT5401THB-48/52 Concrete Pump

concrete boom pump truck

2. Piston and conveying cylinder

The piston is generally made of polyurethane material, which is elastic and wear-resistant, and the inner wall of the conveying cylinder is also coated with wear-resistant material. There are two kinds of lubricating modes between piston and conveying cylinder. One is automatic lubrication of oil filling. The other is a manual refueling system, which requires regular manual refueling. For the automatic oil filling system, it is necessary to check whether the oil road is unimpeded regularly. Otherwise, if the oil road is blocked, the piston and the conveying cylinder will be severely worn. For manual refueling system, operation

3. Discharge port, taper pipe and distribution valve

For vulnerable parts such as discharge port, taper pipe and distribution valve, once the wear-resistant layer is found to be worn off, it can be used for a period of time to surfacing with D507 electrode.

Due to the different site conditions, such as the level of concrete, pumping distance, height, etc., in different sites, so the he service life of wearing parts such as cutting ring and the glasses plate, etc vary widely, but as long as the proper use and handling, the service life of concrete pump truck parts can be greatly extended.