How to prolong the service life of trailer concrete pump

How long is the life of a trailer concrete pump? This is the question who wants to buy a concrete pump will ask. In general, the normal service life of the trailer concrete pump is 7-8 years. Of course, “in general” means that you need regular maintenance. In order to improve the service life of trailer concrete pump, purchase from a professional manufacturer is very important, besides, after you have bought one set, the maintenance is the best way to prolong the service life. How to carry out the maintenance of the trailer concrete pump? There are the following points to follow.

trailer concrete pump
trailer concrete pump

trailer concrete pump
1. In order to ensure the service life of the equipment, we should use the original spare parts produced by the machinery company, because the inappropriate accessories may cause more wear to the equipment.
2, The best ambient temperature of the concrete pump operation state is -5~45 C, when the ambient temperature is over 45 C or below -5 C, please contact the professional after-sales service personnel to negotiate the specific maintenance matters.
3. Trailer concrete pumps are used only for mixing and pumping concrete, and can not be used for mixing and transporting other materials. When the other materials must be stirred and transported, should negotiated with the machinery company first, and then taking necessary measures before operation.
4. The trailer concrete pump is strictly prohibited to operate on the slope, high pressure electricity, flammable, explosive and any other dangerous environment.
5. Without approval, any modification and supplement that may affect the safety of the machine is prohibited.