How to choose a distributor for a mini mobile concrete batching plant

How to choose a distributor for a mini mobile concrete batching plant? You should take the type, number of bins and metering method of distributors into account. This article will give you a detailed introduction.
The main parts of a distributor include: storage hopper, weighing hopper, belt, pneumatic butterfly valve, cylinder, weighing unit, vibration machine and so on. First let’s take a look at the classification of the distributor. The distributor is divided into two bin batching machines, three binning batching machines and four binning batching machines according to the number of bins. The basis for selecting the number of storage bins is the number of aggregates in the concrete formula. A [b]mini mobile concrete batching plant[/b] is usually equipped with the smallest one, namely, the two-bin type.
Mobile batching plant
In addition to the number of bins, the distributor can also be divided by models. There models range from PLD800 to PLD4800, in which the number refers to the capacity of the weighing hopper, and that must match the feeding volume of the concrete mixer. Therefore, the model is a key parameter for distributor selection.
The last factor you should consider is the metering method. One big category is the cumulative weighing method. This is a very common type. The cumulative weighing is of simple structure and low price. A [b]mini mobile concrete batching plant[/b] should be equipped with such a weighing system. The weighing process is set in advance, by which different materials are weighed one by one. By independent weighing, however, there is a weighing hopper under each storage hopper when the aggregate is compounded. Each part of the aggregate is weighed synchronously. The batching effect is higher, and the batching accuracy is greater. It is mostly used in [b]commercial concrete mixing plant[/b]s.