How to install cement concrete mixing plant equipment

The equipment for a cement concrete mixing plant includes cement silos, concrete mixers, control room units, mixing machines, screw conveyors and electronic units. In previous articles we have shared Ready-Mixed Concrete Batching Plant Installation of Cement Silos and How to install mixer of a concrete batching plant. Here we share the installation steps for remaining parts of cement batching plant equipment.

Installation of Control Room and Units:

In spite of the variety of installation modes for the control room units of a cement mixing plant, there is only one adopted frequently, by which the control room is independent of the plant. The parts here include the support chassis, the walking platform, legs, etc. Usually the chassis support is installed in the opposite direction, and then it’s pulled back to forward with a crane. After that the stairs of the walking platform are assembled with handrails. At last, the whole structure are fastened with bolts and fasteners.

Installation of Batching Machine

The mixing machine installed outside the concrete mixing plant shall also be constructed strictly according to the drawings, because its installation result is closely related to that of the belt conveyor which will be connected to it. Of course, with some small plants, like an hzs50 concrete mixing plant, there are no belt conveyors and this step would be easier. Hoisted by crane, the machine should be placed in the right spot according to the foundation center line, the same as the installation of the cement silos, and the foundation bolts shall be poured twice to ensure their tightening state. After that, the bolts shall be hit and the foundation bolts shall be hoisted.

Installation of Screw Conveyors

A screw conveyor should be hoisted to the outlet of the cement bin whose structural flange should be connect to the universal joint of the screw conveyor. Any errors here would lead to failure in connection of the two. Canvas bags can be applied to assist the connection. Then connect the screw conveyor outlet to the cement bin inlet.

Installation of Electronic Units

The water, gas and additive electronic wires and units shall be installed according to the site construction conditions.

These are installation steps for stationary cement batching plant equipment. Of course, the procedure would be much easier if you buy portable concrete plants like a yhzs25 mobile concrete  plant, but the cost of the plant proves to be higher.