What’s a small trailer concrete pump 40 m3/h?

To cater for concrete delivery requirement of small building projects like tunnels, drainage systems and civil houses, we have development a series of small trailer concrete pumps. The smallest conveys concrete of 40 cubic meters per hour, and is therefore called trailer pump 40m3/h. Its biggest pumping pressure is 13mpa and feed height 1100mm. The whole pump is so light that it weighs only 3800kg.

50m³/h Cement Pump Machine

Our small trailer concrete pumps of 40m3/h has good sealing, long service life, high efficiency, convenient operation and low usage cost. It’s equipped with floating rings of excellent anti-wear property. The rings make up for daily wearing automatically, guaranteeing necessary sealing effect. The pump boasts long service life because both the cutting rings and glass boards are made of wear resistant material of high hardness. What’s more, the service life of rotating parts are greatly expended by automatic lubrication system. Owing to strong outlet pressure, the pump can be applied to convey concrete for tall buildings or construction sites of long distance. The hydraulic system is of twin-way type that is featured by quick switch and high efficiency. Besides, the pump is convenient to operate. Wind-cooled hydraulic oil spares trouble of water supply. Anti-pumping function helps to reduce possibilities of pipe clogging. PLC control system and remote controller enable people to operate the trailer concrete pumps more conveniently.

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